Teen Book Review: The King's Shadow by Elizabeth Alder

Evyn, a poor peasant, dreams of bettering his position using his beautiful voice. In a terrible turn of events his uncle's rash behavior causes Evyn to lose his tongue and father. Needing money to pay for killing a noble-born youth, Uncle Morgan sells the boy into slavery.

Some good returns to Evyn's dreary life when he learns to read and write. This skill later helps him to secure a place as Earl Harold of Wessex's squire. The two form a close bond, as if father and son.

Shortly after he is crowned king, Harold makes Evyn, now called Shadow, his foster son. Harold's wishes for a peaceful reign are not to be, however. England faces tumultuous times, ending in the Battle of Hastings.

Will Evyn survive? Even if he does, will he lose all he holds dear?

Thanks to Leah G., age 13 for the awesome review!

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