Teen Book Review: I Am David by Anne Holm

Why did the man, the commander of the concentration camp David has always lived in, help him escape? The twelve year old wonders about this in the weeks following his escape. Usually his mind is occupied with thoughts of survival. It took him no time at all to find that he knows very little of life outside the camp. At times he doesn't even want to live anymore.

When he rescues a little girl from a fire and stays with her family for a while he learns two things. One is how to smile, though he only does this when he is near Maria. The other is a confirmation of a suspicion he has had for a while, he is very different from other children.

Growing up in a concentration camp has left a mark on him. Can he learn to love though it seems to be a dangerous thing to do? Does he have living family? Can he ever live without fear?

A wonderful book that has also been made into a movie.

~Leah G. Age 13

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