Twilight Saga Trivia Tournament!

To celebrate the release of Stephenie Meyer's fourth book in the Twilight Series "Breaking Dawn" we will be having a trivia tournament!! It will be held on Tuesday, August 5th at 6pm.

Categories will include the books "Twilight", "Eclipse", and "New Moon" as well as "The Twilight Movie" and "About the Author".

Are you up for the challenge??

There will be prizes for the winners.

Bring a plain shirt and we will make Twilight Saga shirts!

We will watch the trailer for the movie as well as interviews with Stephenie.

Read an excerpt from "Breaking Dawn" by clicking here
Put a copy on hold today.

See you there!!

Please call the Information Desk at 265-6754 to register.

1 comment:

Lexie said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP! I Can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out!! It is going to be awesome! i am so participating int the trivia contest! I know that me and my friends will definatly all show up! I'll take anything to take the edge off of waiting for Breaking Dawn and the Twilight Movie Releases!
~Lexie F.