Guitar Hero Tournament Results...

Last night we had our first Guitar Hero Tournament at the library! Thank you to all who came to our first Guitar Hero Tournament, we had 26 competitors! It was a great time and you guys were awesome! I hope to have many more events like this.

First place in the medium category went to Joe Connelly. Joe got a 98% in the first round playing Metallica's "One". He nailed the second round with 99% and a 623 note streak to the Dead Kennedy's "Holiday in Cambodia". His awesome efforts earned him a $10 gift card to Game Stop. Great job Joe!!

The winner in the easy category was Alex Keith. Alex scored a 98% in Round 1 playing AFI's "Miss Murder". He guaranteed his victory with a 98%, 123 note streak to The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black". Alex won a gift basket courtesy of Praline's Ice Cream.
I had so much fun and I hope you all did too!!

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