The Josh Hamilton Show...

Did anyone catch the Home Run Derby last night?? Josh Hamilton, outfielder for the Texas Rangers, shattered the single round record by hitting 28 home runs in the first round.

Josh was a first round draft pick in the major leagues. Then he screwed up. He started doing drugs and was kicked out of baseball. Now after a long recovery he is back and doing awesome. He makes a ton of money but only carries $10 on him at a time. He is never left alone out of fear that he will relapse on the drugs. When the team goes out to dinner after a game, he sits by himself with a chaperone.

Josh has really cleaned himself up. It was so great to watch the fans at Yankee Stadium all cheering his name as he hit in the Derby.

Although he got beat in the final round by Minnesota Twin Justin Morneau, Josh put on an amazing show. I was sure rooting for him!

Look for the announcement of our own Wii Home Run Derby which will be held some time around the World Series!

Who were you rooting for in the Home Run Derby?


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