Skate Park in Wallingford??

A group of teens in Wallingford are making the dream of having a skate park in town a possibility. Click HERE to read the Record Journal article. The next meeting to discuss the skate park is on Tuesday, April 29th 7pm at the Parks and Rec Department on Fairfield Boulevard. Please feel free to use this blog to discuss ways to make the skate park happen and to voice your opinions. Get involved!!



BS52190 said...
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BS52190 said...

I beleave the wallingford skate park proposal was approved. Dose anyone know where or when it is going to be built or what the design of it looks like?

Kate said...


I just went back to the most recent RJ article about the park and this is what it said:

"Two proposals for the skate park site were Pragemann Park or along Garden Road, where future development of the Quinnipiac Linear Trail will open up space that would be a central location."